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sėdmaišis COZY OUTSIDE
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sėdmaišis Cozy outside, mėlynas
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sėdmaišis COZY OUTSIDE
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COZY OUTSIDE is a round-shaped beanbag with a practical side pocket and a handle. Embraces and gently adapts to body shapes. Perfect choice in outdoor lounges – designed for maximum comfort!

COZY OUTSIDE, made from strong polyester, can be used outdoors. Inner PVC coating means the fabric is absolutely water resistant. Damp cloth and water cleaning, not machine washable. Light resistance level is 4/8 (recommended to protect from direct sunlight as fabric may slightly fade).

All our beanbags have easy zippered inner and outer bags. We use certified, non-toxic polystyrene granules filling.

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Product dimmentions:

  • Length: 85 cm
  • Width: 85 cm
  • Back seat height: 90 cm
  • Seat height: 40 cm.

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Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Red, Sand