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vaikiškas pufas, mėlynas
vaikiškas pufas, rudas
vaikiškas pufas, raudonas
vaikiškas pufas, kakavinis
vaikiškas pufas, juodas
vaikiškas pufas, pilkas
vaikiškas pufas, kreminis



PUFF POSH KIDS is a round pouf created for kids. A practical handle for easy carrying, no sharp corners, healthy granules, and a pocket for secret items. PUFF KIDS is designed to play, draw or let your guests sit down and enjoy time together. Small, functional and really nice!  A perfect choice for kids‘ rooms, kindergartens, play rooms and any other creative spaces – both indoors and outdoors!

This PUFF KIDS is made from high quality artificial leather with special fiber structure providing resistance to abrasion, tearing and surface scratches. The fabric is stiff, at the same time soft and very pleasant to touch. Leather beanbags are water resistant, therefore can be used both inside and outdoors. Damp cloth and water cleaning, not machine washable.

All our beanbags have easy zippered inner and outer bags. We use certified, non-toxic polystyrene granules filling.

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Product dimmentions:

  • Length: 35 cm
  • Width: 35 cm
  • Height: 30 cm.

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